My Philosophy

  For thousands of years happy healthy babies have been birthed. You are more than capable of giving birth to your baby however you see fit.  I am here to support you in your decisions.  It does not matter if you decide to give birth at home unassisted and you just need someone for support, or if you decide to give birth in a hospital with a full medical staff at your fingertips.  I am here for you. I will provide you with resource referrals, if needed and answer questions so that you are making informed decisions. You, your new baby, partner & family are my priority.

This is a safe space for the LGBTQ community.


My Services

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Holistic Fertility Services

Holistic means will help prepare your body to get pregnant and carry a baby.  If you're starting the road to pregnancy or have been trying, this service will help address any issues you may have and help encourage a successful pregnancy.


Baby's Grasp

Postpartum Services

Everyone plans for the birth of the baby but who plans for the birth of the parent? 

Postpartum care sessions are available for day and night. Sessions include well care, sibling care, lactation assistance, cloth diapering education, light housework, & emotional support.


Postpartum Care $35/hr and up. 

*must be booked at a minimum of 4 hours*



Virtual Services

This is perfect for those who want to have the peace of mind that there is someone to talk to and get questions answered.  It's also great fo freebirthers or those birthing with an intimate number of people.  I will provide knowledge and understanding of the prenatal and birthing wellness.

*With this service I am not present for the birth.*


Virtual Doula $600

Mother and Baby
Hand on Bump

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is an old practice with many benefits to the birthing person.  Using your encapsulated placenta has been known to:

1. Increase general energy

2. Allow a quicker return to health after birth.

3. Increase the production of breast milk

4. Decrease the likelihood of baby blues and/or postnatal depression

5. Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency

6. Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders

7. Helps restore your natural hormonal balance


Caretaker Services

Caretaker services are available for babies all the way to elder care.  This is an extension of care in your home. Minimum rates begin at 
$25/hr + *minimum 4 hours at a time* For multiple days/times per week a flat rate may be available.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing

In-person or distance reiki services can be facilitated. Reiki will help clear blockages, balance chakras and promote healthy balanced living. 

Distance Reiki $45 for 30 minutes

In-Person Reiki  $50 for 30 minutes

                          $65 for 45 minutes

*Reiki is safe for pregnant people and babies*

Abortion or Known Stillbirth

Even in these personal, sensitive times a doula can be a huge benefit.  Because of the nature of these situations services can be secured with a donation.  Please contact for availability.

Peaks Above Clouds
Tropical Resort

Baby Moon

Need that last getaway before your new little one arrives?  With over 15 years in the travel industry I will help you coordinate a special trip. Whether its a weekend getaway or an extended beach vacation we can plan something special and relaxing.



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I am currently training to be a yoga instructor and will be offering classes for pregnancy, postpartum, children, and families of all ages!  Stay tuned for more details.

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